Pre-Employment Medical

Pre-Employment Medical

Our doctors at Central Health Clinic can provide pre-employment medicals and other medical assessments, such as an alcohol and drug test. Pre-employment medical tests must be job-related and assess the candidate’s ability to perform the requirements of the job, not their general state of health.

Employers should provide the doctor conducting the pre-employment medical with specific information about the type of activities the person would be required to undertake in the role. People who use hearing aids, glasses or other equipment should be allowed to continue to do so during the test.

After the results come through, the employer should advise the candidate of the outcome of the test and ensure that the information is treated with strict confidentiality. Employers cannot refuse to employ a person based on a medical test that discloses a disability that is unrelated to the adequate performance of the job.

Employment medicals may include a medical examination, alcohol and drug testing, stress test, vaccinations, and spirometry.

Generally, the potential employer will book the pre-employment medical directly with us and provide the candidate with the details; however, on occasions, the individual may be required to book themselves.

For corporate clients and more in-depth medicals, please e-mail [email protected]

For all appointments and other enquiries, please contact our friendly reception staff at +61 (0)3 9310 2389

Please ensure that you discuss with our reception staff the duration of the appointment required, what clothing you should wear, fees and payment methods.

Other types of medicals which can also be conducted include:

  • Diving medicals
  • Aviation medicals
  • General employment medicals

For the above medicals (diving, aviation & general employment), payment will be required on the day, as well as employment medicals (unless we have an agreement in place with your employer).


Pre-Employment Medical

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